Family moving into house

We Make Temporary Housing Easy for Everyone Involved
  1. Contact Disaster Services at 1-800-547-7749 with a housing request and we can provide immediate hotel placement for your family.
  2. We work directly with the insurance adjuster and the policyholder to determine the family’s exact housing requirement.
  3. Disaster Services works quickly to present housing options to the policyholder.
  4. We work with the family to find the right temporary housing for them.
  5. We contact the insurance adjuster and determine the best way to structure the lease before any documents are signed.
  6. We can sign the lease and advance all moneys necessary at move-in.
  7. An invoice and a copy of the lease are sent to the insurance company for payment.
  8. Disaster Services handles everything with the policyholder from move-in to move-out.